Water & Power Cogen Development, LLC

The Problem

There's a limited supply of fresh water and an unceasing demand. Severe droughts in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia are requiring the search for alternative water supplies. 

The Solution

WPCD has the Solution to meet the critical need for alternative water supplies utilizing substrata saline aquifers. 

The WPCD Team provides the capability to fully finance the development of each project. This overcomes the lengthy process required for allocation of public funds, if they are even available, for infrastructure projects.

We bring the technical expertise to provide safe and affordable drinking water to your community and process water for industry, utilizing a virtually inexhaustible alternative supply.

WPCD’s complete solution uses proven technologies combined with our proprietary process, where substrata seawater is desalinated to produce pure demineralized water for industry and safe and affordable drinking water, meeting State, Federal, and International Safe Drinking Water Standards.

We solve even the most pressing water shortage issues and in combination with the cogeneration application create a win/win scenario for the citizens served.


Potable Water Solutions for the Future

is not just our slogan - It is a fact.


 Multi-stage Flash Evaporation, in the cogeneration application, is the most efficient process for production of process and potable water.


Each project provides the following benefits;

  • Facility located inland – Patented Process
  • Qualified Facility under Federal and State PURPA requirements
  • Utility required to purchase excess power at deferred cost of new generation
  • Proven technology
    • Flash evaporation desalinization process
    • Combustion turbines
    • Heat recovery steam generators
  • Projects are completely scalable
  • Constructed to exceed Category 5 Hurricane forces with emergency start capabilities
  • Stable source of potable water, process water, and power
    • Insure reasonable rates
    • Enables future growth

WPCD Deep Well Supply

Patented Process simplified diagram indicating substrata saline water supply and return.